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♦ What do I do about the utilities?
Please leave all utilities serving the property/home on. We will have them put into the tenant’s name the day they move in, and they will all revert back into your name if the property is ever vacant, or you move back home.

♦ Who is responsible for maintaining the yard?
The tenant is required to mow & weed eat the yard, and weed the beds per the lease agreement. Trimming bushes/trees/shrubs is an owner expense/responsibility.

♦ How often does WPM go to the home?
We will drive by your home several different times of the year. If there are issues that need to be addressed we will take photos of your home and advise you what preventative maintenance and/or maintenance need to be done to your home. We will conduct yearly interior inspections and notify you of the condition of the home.

♦ What is the $300 reserve deposit for?
This is held in our trust account for incidental repairs. This money is simply “just in case money.” When something small needs to be fixed, we already have the money. You will be notified of the repair (via an emailed work order) so it is not a surprise to you when you get your monthly statement.

♦ How are work orders handled, and how do I pay them?
Tenants submit work orders/requests to us. We then send the work order to the vendor, the tenant, and to you. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. We pay our vendors at the same time as we pay our owners. We pay them with your rent proceeds (unless it’s a big repair).

♦ Do you have a list of vendors you normally work with?
Yes, we have trusted, local vendors who put us on the top of their lists.

♦ How clean do I leave my home?
Please clean your home like you never have before. Carpets must be professionally cleaned (if you have pets please flea spray the carpets). My advice is to have the home cleaned by professional cleaners – something gets missed, they will come back and clean it. Do not leave anything…If you don’t want it – chances are your tenant will not, either.

♦ Pets or no pets? Deposit or pet rent?
Because 64% of Americans own a pet, we recommend listing pets as “negotiable” on the listing. This allows you the option of accepting their
animal(s) or not, so you don’t miss out on any prospective tenants. We take a refundable pet deposit-we do not charge tenants any kind of pet rent.

♦ Can I put parameters on who gets to rent my house?
Yes and no. Unless the prospective tenants are a group, you will most likely not even know who they are. This protects you from a
discrimination claim should we decide not to rent to them. You may, however choose not to rent to a group of people as marital status is not a protected class.

♦ Should I leave the washer & dryer?
Washers & dryers can be a nice selling point-just remember if they break, you need to repair or replace them. This goes for any appliance or mechanical tool; lawn mower, weed eater, generator, etc.

♦ Are the tenants required to carry renters insurance?
Yes, we do require all tenants to carry renter’s insurance, and we also require the home owner to have a policy. Notify your insurance agent that your home will be a rental property.

♦ How/when will I get paid?
We transmit the rent via electronic deposit by the 12th of every month.

♦ How much is the damage deposit?
The deposit is equal to a month’s rent.

♦ How long will it take to rent?
Ah, yes…the million dollar question…The answer depends on a number of things from the condition of the home, location, rental price, and time of year.

♦ What happens if the tenant damages the home?
We conduct thorough move-out inspections. We compare that inspection to the move-in condition report and then make any necessary repairs. If there are needed repairs or cleaning, we will deduct the charges from the tenant’s
security deposit.